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HURD Premium is an optional program created to enhance the student-fan experience at USU, as well as build engagement and a sense of community amongst the Aggie faithful. HURD Premium membership is only available to current USU students (spouses who possess a valid spouse pass may also join) and costs $25 per year. 100 percent of those funds return to the HURD.


  • 15-minute early entry to most* football and men's basketball games (*this excludes the USU football game vs. BYU on Nov. 2. Early entry to that game will be granted to all students who particpate in the HURD campout on the Quad on Friday, Nov. 1. The early entery will also be waived for two yet-to-be-determined men's basketball games.)
  • Members-only exclusive HURD T-shirt and water bottle
  • Coach & player interaction opportunities
  • A one-time coupon from the USU Campus Store for 25 percent off your apparel purchase
  • One free hotdog or popcorn at USU concessions (can be redeemed at football or basketball games)
  • Entry to an exclusive sales event at the USU Campus Store
  • 10% off your Morty's Cafe and Logan's Heroes order ANYTIME (in-store only, must present membership card)
  • First chance to receive free, lower-bowl student tickets to the Beehive Classic basketball game vs. BYU on Sat., Dec. 14, at Vivint SmartHome Arena
  • First chance to purchase discounted student tickets and/or claim bus spots to any away football and men's basketball games the HURD is able to procur discounts for or provide travel to. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I now have to purchase a HURD Premium membership to attend USU sporting events now? No! HURD Premium is an OPTIONAL program for students. Those who do not wish to be Premium members can still attend USU Athletic events simply by swiping a valid USU ID card. 

How much of this money goes to the USU Athletics Department? HURD Premium and its membership fees are not associated with student athletic fees. None of the funds collected through the HURD Premium program will go to the USU Athletics Department. One hundred percent of the HURD Premium membership cost goes back to the HURD, which is in turn spent on activities, food and swag for the students and student activities around athletic events. 

How many HURD Premium memberships are available? Membership is open to all current USU students and any spouses who have a valid spouse pass and USU ID card. There will be no membership capacity during the 2019-2020 school year. 

Do HURD Committee members also have to purchase Premium memberships to receive HURD Premium benefits? Yes. HURD Committee members who want Premium benefits must also pay the $25 membership fee. 

HURD Premium enrollment for the 2019-2020 Academic Year will begin Aug. 12, 2019! For any questions related to HURD Premium or the HURD Committee, contact USUSA Athletic & Campus Rec VP, Braden Tomlinson at athleticsvp.ususa@usu.eduIf you would like to be added to an email/text list to receive information about upcoming HURD events, as well as receive a reminder when the 2019-20 HURD Premium applications become available, follow this link and submit your information