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Joining a Fraternity means finding fellowship, academic support, leadership opportunities, participation in campus activities, service to the community and to the University, and preparing yourself for the future. 

Common Questions

The majority of men who choose to join a fraternity choose to do so during recruitment week. Recruitment is conducted early in the fall semester. This process allows men to meet and interact with each chapter in a informal setting. It is important to meet members from each chapter so you are able to get to know the people and the organization.

During this week each chapter will hold nightly events designed to show perspective men what fraternity life is like and introduce them to the current membership. Every perspective member is encouraged to attend events from as many chapters as possible in order to find the organization they feel is the best fit for them.

Receiving a bid

During recruitment week, there are a series of events designed to allow interested students and the chapter members a chance to get to know each other. Through their own individual process, each chapter will decide on individuals they will extend a bid to. A bid is a formal invitation to pledge a fraternity.


Once a bid has been accepted, the individual will become a pledge for that organization. Pledging generally ranges from 8-10 weeks, however it is important to remember that every chapter has its own unique system that may be quite different from another chapter.


Utah State and the men's Inter-Fraternal council adhere to a strict zero tolerance policy on hazing. If you have any questions regarding what constitutes hazing or if you feel you have been a victim of hazing please contact the SILC office at 435-797-2912.

(Figures below reflect the 2017-2018 academic year)

Alpha Sigma Phi

Pledge Dues: $50 chapter dues, $700 national fee
Active Member Dues: $150 first semester, $250 for all remaining semesters

Alpha Tau Omega

Active Members: $250 + $90 Insurance fee + $62.50 National Fees
Rent: $250 per month (utilities not included)

Delta Sigma Phi

Pledge and Initiation Dues: $450 per semester
Active Member Dues $500 per semester
Room & Board: $300.00 per month (utilities not included)

Psi Sigma Phi

Initiation Fee: $250.00 per semester
Active Member Dues: $135.00 per semester

Sigma Chi

Dues: $500.00 per semester
Room & Board: $200 per month for shared and $450 for single

Sigma Phi Epsilon

New Member Dues: $300 one time fee + 2 $50 payments
Out of House: $400.00 per semester
Parlor Fees: $75.00 per semester

Pi Kappa Alpha

Dues: $515.00 per semester
Rent: $275.00 per month

Amounts are subject to change. Figures are estimates.

All men enrolled in school at USU are eligible to participate in recruitment and affiliate with a fraternity. Each individual chapter has their own specific requirements for a man to join their organization.
No you don't have to attend any specific number of events. Each chapter decides individually who they will extend a bid to. It is possible to receive multiple bids and if this happens it is up to the individual to choose which bid he will accept.[/ebs-toggle]

Fraternity membership is more than wearing certain letters. Don’t make decisions based on stereotypes and the opinions of others. Take time to check out each chapter; keep an open mind and make the decision that is right for you.