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What is Fraterity & Sorority Life?

At Utah State, there are a variety of ways to get involved in clubs, organizations, student activities, and honor societies. Membership in a FSL chapter will provide you with the foundation necessary to become a leader and a driving force for positive change on campus and in the community. Each fraternity and sorority strive to create well-rounded individuals through leadership training, innovative programming and life-skill development.


Joining a Fraternity or Sorority is much more than making friends. From the very inception of fraternities and sororities, service and philanthropy have become the center of membership and providing leadership experience. While each chapter sponsors its own philanthropy events, the Fraternity/Sorority Life (FSL) community is quick to support them all because community service contributes to the greater good.

FSL members also have the opportunity to get involved with campus-wide service by participating in campus activities such as Stuff A Bus, The Howl, blood drives, and Homecoming. The opportunities members have to serve and give back to the community are endless.

    • List of Organizations Impacted (Could separate Local/ National)
      • CAPSA
      • SAAVI
      • The Family Place 
      • Huntsman Cancer Institute 
      • Big Brothers, Big Sisters
      • Red Cross
      • Prevent Child Abuse America
      • Little Lambs
      • Cache Valley Food Pantry 
      • Salt Lake Primary Children's Hospital 
      • RODS (Racing for Orphans with Down syndrome)
      • Girl Up
      • RAINN

Brotherhood & Sisterhood

A tradition of family is something that each chapter shares. By making the decision to join a FSL chapter, you instantly become a part of a worldwide network of men and women, available to you for the rest of your life. Brotherhood and Sisterhood goes beyond the bonds of friendship. It creates a family that can help and guide you through the many stages you will experience during your college days and well after you graduate.


Becoming a member of a FSL organization can provide its members various opportunities for academic excellence. From academic workshops to scholarship programs, each chapter expects members to be students first and provides recognition to top scholars and those who improve their academic standing.

  • Expectations
    •  Academics are the highest priority here at Utah State. Fraternity and Sorority life seeks to enhance the student experience through providing additional academic requirements and resources to help each individual reach their fullest potential. Each sorority member is required to maintain at least a 2.5 Grade Point Average (GPA) and each fraternity member is required to maintain at least a 2.7 GPA. Each organization may set an even higher GPA requirement. Each organization also maintains an academic plan for their members.
  • Order of Omega
    • Aside from academic programming within each chapter there is also a National Greek Honor Society known as Order of Omega. Order of Omega brings undergraduate Greek students torecognize"fraternity men and women who have attained a high standard of leadership in inter-fraternity activities." The Utah State chapter of Order of Omega focus' on providing extended networking events and exploratory service opportunities in the Cache Valley Community.
  • Scholarships
    • Additional Scholarships are also available through the FSL Community. Many of these scholarships are available through the organizations at Utah State but more are available  through the National organizations websites. The following list is not an exhaustive but a list of what is historically offered for each school year.
      • Community Scholarships
        • Panhellenic Council Scholarships (For Officers) 
        • Interfraternity Council Scholarships
        • Panhellenic Scholarship(First Year 
      • Alpha Chi Omega, Beta Xi
        • Amanda Moser Lyons Leadership Scholarship 
        • Jeannine Bennett Endowment Scholarship 
      • Sigma Chi, Gamma Kappa Alumni Foundation Scholarships (Members)
        • Stan Laub Memorial Scholarship
        • Trent Walker 
      • Sigma Phi Epsilon 
        • Balanced Man Scholarship (Available to non-members)

Panhellenic & Interfraternal Council

These councils serve as the governing bodies for their respective chapters, Panhellenic Council for sororities and Interfraternal Council for Fraternities. Both councils elect executive board members to oversee various operations. These elected positions teach students various skills including, but not limited to: organization, communication, collaboration, problem solving, community relations and programming.

FSL Leadership Class

Academics are a priority in USU’s FSL Community and enhances the sorority and fraternity experience. This class focuses on the current state of the FSL community while discussing the history, purpose, rules and university relations of the community. Students must actively participate in this class to enhance leadership skills.


FSL take’s pride in community service and philanthropy. Each chapter has a foundation or charity they sponsor through philanthropic events. Sororities and fraternities sponsor many different activities each year to impact the local community and raise money for their specific philanthropies. Members of the FSL community contribute and support each other’s philanthropic events with time, donations and support.

FSL members also have the opportunity to get involved with campus-wide service by participating in campus activities such as Stuff A Bus, The Howl, blood drives, and Homecoming. The opportunities members have to serve and give back to the community are endless.


Leadership is an important part of student growth and development. Through leadership opportunities, students develop skills, knowledge and understanding to become an effective leader. What students learn through leadership positions will last throughout their life and will prepare them for future successes.

Greek Leadership Weekend is a leadership retreat where FSL students come together to strengthen USU’s FSL community and get quality leadership training. The retreat consists of activities and workshops focusing on: team building, values, conflict and communication, proactive behaviors and unity.